Be nice to SWLs….

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
A vintage SWL card from 1956.
An SWL is a short-wave listener. They have been around as long as radio has been around. In many countries, one is required to confirm and provide proof of one’s skill as a short wave listener before being eligible to become an Amateur Radio operator.
In fact, most DXpeditions receive SWL cards where the requestor is offering proof that he heard a certain contact made and to whom and asks the DXpedition to confirm the SWL’s report. This isnt for DXCC but to show that the SWL is developing their skill as a listener and working their way to become elegible to join the ranks of amateur radio operators.
I had to cringe recently at the Dayton Contest Dinner. There was a fella in the audience who won several prizes. The MC reading off the call signs on the winning tickets didn’t seem to know or recognize a SWL call and he referred to the winner as “a CBer”.
I for one, was glad to see an SWL in attendance and I recognize how challenging it can be to join the ranks of radio amateurs in some countries. So when you get those strange SWL cards via the bureau, just fill them out and send them back. Be nice to SWLs.
What do you think?
  1. Robert WD8NVN says:

    I treasure those SWL QSL cards !! I am amazed at the radio hobby having such serious listeners. I reply to every SWL request the next day, every time. Many seek my call for its hard -to-find callsign prefix—-“WD8” Posted on my Facebook page (Robert H. Pusch), you’ll see a small sample of SWL Cards received in the mail box over the past years.

  2. K0YQ says:

    Good post. I started as a SWL and also respond to each SWL report with a personal letter and card. Whether they’re future hams or just guys (girls) that only care about the RX, they’re brothers in the fraternity.

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