My Hamvention 2014 Report…..

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Hamvention 2014 at the Hara Arena in Dayton.

Hamvention 2014 has concluded. As usual, the DARA/SWODXA folks put on a really nice set of events over two and a half days. About the only thing they can’t control is the weather, which was cool with some scattered rain and hail showers.  This impacted the flea market, however just about the time the tarps would come out to cover the items for sale, the sun would soon reappear.


ICOM has a pair of new mobile antennas.

I was on the lookout for new and unique products this year. ICOM has a new HF mobile rig and two new mobile HF antennas.


Precision Antennas new HF mobile antenna (looks just like the ICOM antenna)

Precision antennas also had several high end $1600 mobile HF antennas which appear to be targeted towards commercial use and the military.


Kessler Engineering’s new 5KW Tuner. Can be tower mounted with remote control head. Price is $3,150

Kessler Engineering has a new heavy duty (5KW) tuner with remote control head. This was a very impressive tuner that can be mounted on the tower. Price is approx. $3150

The guys from Remote Ham were there demonstrating their new service called Web DX. This service is ideal for hams in antenna restricted areas as they can access remote HF stations. This service is very reasonable priced.


David Collingham-K3LP is inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame


Dave-K3LP and Joe-W1JR celebrate being inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame.

The SXODXA DX Dinner was very enjoyable.  Guest Speaker Dave Collingham-K3LP spoke about Humanitarian projects and Youth Development. A short time later, David and Joe Reisert-W1JR were inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame.  Many great prizes were given away.


The FT5ZM Team is honored with SWODXA’s DXpedition of the Year Award

It was great to see the FT5ZM Team honored as SWODXA’s Dxpedition of the Year.

Also at the DX Dinner, famous DXer of yesteryear, Don Miller-W9WNV was in attendance.


Don Miller-W9WNV and Carl Cook-AI6V share a moment.


Ed Muns-W0YK and Scott Redd-K0DQ celebrate their CQ Contest Hall of Fame induction with friends.

The North Coast Contesters hosted a nice Contest Dinner with great speakers and prizes! Doug Grant-K1DG gave a very nice overview of WRTC 2014 to take place in Boston in July. Scott Redd-K0DQ and Ed Muns-W0YK were both inducted into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame.


K3LP at the DX Forum giving a hint of his next DXpedition. Could it be Syria?

DXpedition rumors?  There were many rumors about DXpeditions in the works. I won’t reveal what they are but indeed several teams are making solid plans to activate the truly rarest of rare entities and exciting times are ahead. Stay tuned for their exciting announcements. The DX Forum features very nice presentations of the T33A, VU7AG, FT5ZM and K9W DXpeditions.

What was the best deal at Hamvention?   Vendors were holding firm on their prices and I saw few “show specials”.  RF Concepts was discounting their top of the line Alpha Amplifiers by as much as $1000 off during the Hamvention weekend. The best deal I found was the $3.00 hot dog I had for lunch.

The ARRL was there is a significant way, celebrating their Centennial. ARRL CEO Dave Sumner K1ZZ and ARRL President Kay Craigie-N3KN were there greeting everyone. There were plenty of great hands on projects for youngsters and all “makers” at heart.


Eric Hall-K9GY/T6MO receives the Intrepid Spirit Award.

The Intrepid-DX Group was very proud to honor Eric Hall K9GY/T6MO with their Intrepid-Spirit Award. ICOM America generously donated an IC-7100 to Eric to further promote his activities.


Ray Novak of ICOM America presents Eric with an IC-7100!

What was the worst part of Dayton?  Everyone knows that the Hara Arena is old and dilapidated. The bathrooms are deplorable. Out in the flea market you had to cross quite a mud puddle to use the porta potties.  There are way too many able bodied men driving around in scooters creating pileups in the isle ways or running into those of us on foot.



The Hamvention Flea Market during a moment of sunshine.

They need to have more places to sit down and rest your feet and they need to fill in some of those big pot holes in the swap meet area. That parking lot is an “Ambulance chaser’s” paradise. Many of us hope that someday DARA can host Hamvention in a new clean facility worthy of this fine event


Old “bugs” in the flea market area.


You had to cross the swamp to use the porta-pottie.

What was the best part of Dayton?   It’s the conversations, the renewed friendships and the camaraderie that takes place each year. I come away from Hamvention 2014 knowing that Amateur Radio is alive and well.

What do you think?

  1. Robert WD8NVN says:

    I enjoyed and participated everyday, all day long, at Hamvention® 2014 ! What would Amateur radio be without the greatest gathering in the world?? True, Hara Arena has problems, I can not imagine not having Hamvention® at Hara. I am going back in May 15, 16, & 17, 2015 !!

  2. Ray W2RE says:

    I enjoyed the pictures. Nice job!

  3. Katie of Black Hills Reiki says:

    Nice review, sorry I missed it this year!! 73 de WY7KRA

  4. Greg K2GRG says:

    A great event, and great hams, deserve a better venue. Come on DARA, clean up Hara or move the venue.

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