Its all about respect…..

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Respect is a huge element in the hobby of amateur radio. We heap respect on the guys who have “worked them all” or have 8 band DXCC on their wall. Everyone wants to achieve #1 Honor Roll before they die. At each DX gathering we respect the “last man standing” in the number of entities they have worked. We respect the winning contest operators and the really fast CW operators. Respect is given freely when the goal is in sight and the playing field is even. Respect can be both given and/or received. Respect is usually earned or built over time.

The hobby of amateur radio has many “chips and cracks” much like an old tea cup. One of the aspects of this hobby that we fail miserably at is honoring and respecting each other for special accomplishments out of the realm of what’s usual and typical of hams.

At various times, some in the hobby step up and accomplish something very special. It might be teaching and mentoring young hams, or leading a major Dxpedition to a rare and remote country. Some of these accomplishments are a team pursuit, while others are done single handedly and often in dangerous or difficult conditions.

Hams are human and emotion often comes into play when considering who is worthy to honor and who is not. I often see hams seemingly looking for reasons to overlook someone to be honored or downplaying the accomplishment. Some hams have the inability to share the spotlight with others.

I’m continuously baffled and perplexed when I see men of such stature that they have been honored time and time again and they steadfastly refuse to honor others. Some Amateur Radio Clubs give thoughtful and meaningful awards. Some Clubs don’t or refuse to consider it. Some do it well and some do it poorly. There are amateur radio “Halls of Fame”. Some of the inductees are indeed pillars of our hobby. Some of the guys that have received the most respect and accolades seem incapable of respecting others.

Some of the guys that have received these various awards refuse to be involved within their own clubs in giving the award to others. Some guys bring their personal dislikes and their petty jealousies to play when deciding who gets an award and who does not.

Some guys get their awards on the big stage in front of their peers. Some guys get their pat on the back in the parking lot or otherwise out of the spotlight.

Amateur Radio “Hams” could be much better at respecting each other both on the air and off the air. Ham spirit is alive but it’s not well…..

What do you think?


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