More great things at K6DGE in Fontana, CA!

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

More great things are happening at K6DGE club station in Fontana, California.

On March 19-20th, 2014 Communications Field Day #4 and Test Session #2 were held at the Dorothy Grant Elementary School. This is the home of the K6DGE club station.


Pictured are seventeen of the nineteen new “hams” at Dorothy Grant Elementary School

This project is being led by David Collingham-K3LP and Classroom Teacher (and new Extra) Beverly Matheson-KJ6RSX.

David and Beverly had been preparing the kids for months with study sessions and practice exams. On March 19-20th, VE exam sessions were held and forty fourth and fifth grade students sat for their amateur exams. Nineteen of these students passed their amateur technician’s license exams! Three adult community members also passed their exams and classroom teacher Bev Matheson upgraded to Extra class. Three stations were set up with radios provided by ICOM and each of the 40 students was allowed to make contacts with the K6DGE club call sign. How cool is this!

You can see more photos and information on these web pages:

You can also see a very nice video produced by ICOM at this link:


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