Price Wars on amplifiers!

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized


It’s not often that amateur radio big ticket items prices are drastically slashed to create more competition and market penetration.

Such is the case with Acom amplifiers being sold by Array Solutions and now Ham Radio Outlet. From the text on Array Solution’s website, I guess that they are not too happy with Acom who has now authorized Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) to also sell Acom amps in the USA. Until this move, Array was the only USA dealer. Perhaps Acom added HRO to their dealers because Array Solutions recently added OM Power Amplifiers to their product list. A little tit for tat you might say.

Anyway, the prices by Array Solutions and HRO on Acom amps have been slashed considerably. If anyone ever needed an Acom amp, now is the time to buy!

You can see what I am writing about here:


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