Interview with Y. “Zorro” Miyazawa-JH1AJT

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JH1AJT-Zorro is the leader of the XZ1J/XZ1Z DXpeditions to Myanmar

I had the pleasure of operating with Zorro in November, 2013 as a member of the XZ1J Dxpedition Team. Zorro is a legend in the DX World having led DXpeditions or having operated from Eritrea, Bangladesh, Yemen, Laos, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cambodia, Bhutan, Myanmar and many others.

Zorro is a very humble but accomplished man. He is the founder of a Prep School in Japan that specializes in the education of students with special needs. Zorro now operates 16 branch schools with as many as 5,500 high school and junior high school students.  In addition, he has other schools, too, under his SEISA Group covering Nursery Schools, Kindergartens, University and so on; a total number of students taken care of under SEISA Group is more than 25,000.  Zorro is the founder and CEO of this SEISA Group and also the founder of the Foundation for Global Children (FGC – also belonging to SEISA Group).

To say that Zorro is a determined man is an understatement. He made over ten visits to Myanmar in the last four years and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to establish various government programs in Myanmar, especially related to Educational and Medical areas. Zorro is a keen DXer, Dxpeditioner and Humanitarian.

Paul: Zorro when did you first become interested in radio?

Zorro: I was fifteen years old. Back then, I had to wait a year to take my license exam. I was very excited about radio as I still am today. Masa-JA1DM was my Elmer. He and JA1AEA taught me how to make QSOS.

Paul: Zorro what aspects of amateur radio appeal to you the most?

Zorro: I most like DXing and in keeping in touch with friends all over the world. Amateur Radio is still like “Close Encounters with the Third Kind” and magic to me.

Paul: Zorro, please tell us about your work?

Zorro: I am a person who prepares educational circumstances for children. I taught at a high school for many years, and recognized the need of the society for a new type of school.  Therefore, in 1972, I founded my first school in Japan. We specialized in children with special needs, primarily Dyslexia. Later, the school evolved into an inclusion style school with mixed students of special needs and non special needs. This was revolutionary in Japan at the time where mixed needs students had always been segregated from other students. Since then, we have 16 branch campuses with as many as 5,500 high school and junior high school students; a total number of students/children go up to more than 25,000 if I include other group schools.

Paul: Zorro please tell us about SEISA/FGC?

Zorro: The FGC was established in July, 2010 to conduct research into and survey problems pertaining to education, medical care and the welfare of Children. I founded SEISA/FGC to improve education where it’s most needed and to provide training and scholarships for students in the area of Technical.IT, Education & Health. In Bangladesh, we are supporting the Agrasara Orphans Home which provides shelter and care for destitute children. Here in Myanmar, we are working with the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Science & Technology to make advances for the people of Myanmar. SEISA is donating two ambulances to the Ministry of Health and we have donated significant funds to the Ministries of Health and Science here in Myanmar. They have been used to improve educational and health circumstances for children there. All proceeds from the XZ1J Dxpedition will go to support the FGC mission in Myanmar.

Paul: Zorro you have travelled the world and have operated in many rare and exotic places, which were your favorite DXpeditions?

Zorro: Yes, I love to travel and do radio. My favorite activities have been in Eritrea, Bangladesh, Yemen, Laos, Bhutan, Kenya, Cambodia and of course Myanmar. As you can imagine, there are many difficulties/obstacles in working in foreign countries like the above. However, it makes me happy because I can meet new cultures and people.

 Paul: Zorro, how will ham radio be ten years from now?

Zorro: This question concerns me very much. I see those in the hobby becoming more selfish and poorly behaved. There is less goodwill and ham spirit now than ever before.

Paul: Zorro, thank you for all that you have done for the amateur radio community.


  1. K0YQ says:

    DX Hero.

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