Who was the best DXpedition of 2013?

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
2013 was an incredible year for DXpeditions.
In my view, there is a tie for the best DXpedition of the Year between K9W and TX5K.  The Operating at K9W was absolutely flawless. They were everywhere, all the time. They seem to have greatly satisfied the global need. As K9W was hosted on a US Military base, the K9W team got to focus on radio and didn’t have to do the heavy lifting usually involved in a tent/generator DXpedition. K9W made 15,000 less contacts than TX5K.
TX5K was a true “tent & generator” DXpedition and the team schlepped all of their gear on and off their boat. I cannot imagine how difficult it was to load and unload their ATV from their Zodiac. TX5K made the most contacts at 115,000 however the operating was not flawless. The DXA application was not working during the first few days and I heard operators scolding callers for being “dupes”. Either the Operators did not know that DXA was not working or were not instructed properly on how to deal with duplicate callers.  There was also some strange behavior on the low bands. I never was able to get a 40 meter CW contact. Not for lack of trying. Night after night, TX5K was 20-30db over S9, but they were “EU only” well after EU sunrise. This was strange. They were easy to get on the other bands as they should have been.
So with those factors considered, My personal opinion is that it is a tie between K9W and TX5K for the best DXpedition of 2013.  I also liked the fact that both K9W and TX5K allowed first time DXpeditioners to join their team.
I also want to commend VU7AG. I did not expect much from this DXpedition and I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did. Krish-W4VKU is “one to watch” in the future as a DXpedition Leader. He organizes and communicates well and really made a great effort this year.
What do you think?
Paul N6PSE
  1. Robert WD8NVN says:

    I agree, both need an award. Thinking back on 2013, plenty of good dxpeditions..

  2. K0YQ says:

    I agree with all but also think XZ1J needs to be on that consideration list.

  3. Tony says:

    Interesting…..the same for me with TX5K. 40M CW was my miss from the mobile. Every time I heard them, they were asking for EU.
    75M SSB was a mess. Some ops had hearing trouble. I would hear TX5K make the QSO with XYZ. XYZ would just call again. It was done over and over. It was with two different stations too. Of course during this fiasco TX5K was trying to work someone else, like me.

  4. l2ride55 says:

    In my opinion the DXpedition of the year (2013) without a doubt would be XZ1Z/XZ1J from Myanmar

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