Interview with Franz Langer-DJ9ZB

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Franz Langer-DJ9ZB operates from Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar as XZ1J.

During the XZ1J Dxpedition, I had the pleasure to visit and operate with world-class Dxpeditioner Franz Langer-DJ9ZB.

Franz has operated as a single operator or as a team member from 4W1ZB, JY8ZB, TA2DX, C5ABL, OE6XG/A, J2ØCP, J20/A, 3A3WPX, T70A, HBØBOE, C31LY, VK9ZR (Mellish Reef & Willis Is.) PYØSK, PYØSR, KB6IRD/KHØ, FOØXX, PA3CXC/STØ, ET3DX, E31A, E3ØBA, E3ØGA, 9E2A, 3XA8DX, J5Z, 6O1Z, 5U7Z, XRØX, 3C0V, K7C, PJ7E, K4M, HK0NA, HV50VR

He is a member of the ARRL, NCDXF, INDEXA, GDXF, EUDXF, CDXC, RRDXA and SDXG

Franz is the author of the “DX World Guide”, a publication of DXing and DXpeditions over the years.

He is retired as an electronics technician on hybrid and microelectronics

Interview with Franz-DJ9ZB:


Franz, can you tell us when you first obtained your amateur radio license and what aspects of ham radio appealed to you?

Franz: I was first licensed in 1965. I was interested in electronics and naturally electronics and amateur radio go together.


Franz, you are a very accomplished Dxer and Dxpeditioner. What is your favorite mode of operation:

Franz: I prefer SSB because I like to hear the excitement in the many voices calling the Dxpedition. There is more of an emotional connection. I enjoy CW at home.


Franz, what was your favorite Dxpedition that you participated in and why?

Franz: Malpelpo-HK0NA was my favorite as it was most physical and mentally challenging.


Franz, where would you most like to operate from?

Franz: I would like to operate from P5, Crozet or Bouvet would be most enjoyable. Paul, let’s you and I go there together!


Franz, what nationality has the best operators?

Franz: I would say the Japanese. They are very disciplined and follow instructions well. They respect others on the bands.


6) Franz, any plans to retire from Dxpeditioning?

Franz: I retired from working in the technology field five years ago so that I could enjoy more DXpeditions. I have no plans to stop until I just cannot go anymore. This is very enjoyable and I will continue as long as I can.


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