Who are your DX Heroes?

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Do you ever stop to think who are your DX Heroes?


You know, those guys that travel far and wide to organize or participate in DXpeditions to exotic places. Some of these DX heroes are bold and daring. Some of them always put on a spectacular show with style and finesse. Some of them are unsung and are often not recognized for their many contributions to our great hobby.

My DX Heroes are a diverse group. I greatly respect and admire my friends and Heroes Hrane Milosevic-YT1AD and David Collingham-K3LP. These men are truly unsung DXpedition Heroes, they have organized or participated in many DXpeditions to truly rare places, Baker Island, Swains Island, Iraq, Rotuma, Conway Reef, Yemen to name a few. In addition to their activations, they also practice the concept of “Youth Development” by trying to stimulate local activity when they can. They also guide and mentor new DXpeditioners and help them be at their best. I have greatly benefited from David and Hrane’s mentoring.

Also among the unsung DXpedition Heroes are my friends Antonio Gonzalez-EA5RM and Silvano Borsa-I2YSB. Tony has led his group known as the DX Friends or “Tifariti Gang” to such places as Western Sahara (twice) Rwanda, Palestine, San Marino, South Sudan, Andora, SMOM, Vatican City and most recently 5J0R. Silvano has led the “Italian DXpedition Team” to successful DXpeditions as TU2T, 6O0CW, TT8TT, XT2TT, TO2TT, 5V7TT, 5U7B, J20MM, 9L1X, 9G5TT, 5M2TT and others. Silvano and Tony lead their groups with humility and within the finest examples of “Ham Spirit”. Tony and his Team were very enjoyable partners in the activation of South Sudan in 2011 as a new country. Our DXpedition ST0R was a great success and I will always be very proud of that partnership. I was very proud to award Silvano with the first annual “Intrepid Spirit” award at the International DX Convention in 2012.

I have come to appreciate and respect the work of Bob Allphin-K4UEE and Ralph Fedor-K0IR. Bob and Ralph have organized and led some of the largest and most important DXpeditions in decades. They always put on a fantastic show with great style and finesse. Bob and Ralph’s current project is FT5ZM Amsterdam Island which gets underway in just a few weeks. They have also collaborated on HK0NA, VP8ORK, Peter Island, South Georgia and South Sandwich and other important activations. On top of that, both of them are good men who are approachable and willing to share tips, ideas and suggestions. I greatly admire what they have done and how they do it!

Another class of DXpedition organizer are those that I consider bold and daring. My friend Dima-RA9USU and Vlad-UA4WHX are certainly bold and daring. Dima brought his life savings to Yemen and was able to make significant contacts and to ultimately pull off a very successful DXpedition to a very rare country. Dima has become a good friend having also joined my ST0R team in South Sudan. Vlad-UA4WHX has activated many exotic entities in his travels. He is a top notch operator and a very fine QSLer. I enjoy watching where Vlad goes and working him. Martti Laine has made many bold and daring activations over the years. I greatly admire him and his accomplishments.

I recently got to meet and operate with Franz Langer-DJ9ZB and Zorro Miyazawa-JH1AJT. Franz has travelled the world and has participated in numerous important DXpeditions. He is a very fine Operator and his work ethic is amazing. I am very glad to know Franz and to now be able to call him my friend. I can say the same about Zorro-JH1AJT. He recently invited me to join his XZ1J Team which enabled me to get to know Zorro. He has also led or has been part of DXpedition groups to such rare countries as Bangladesh, Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Laos, Bhutan and others. Zorro is a very humble business leader and humanitarian. He has done more for the world than anyone will ever know.

Baldur Drobnica-DJ6SI and Martti Laine-OH2BH have accomplished so much over the years and are true DX legends.

Lastly, I am a big fan of James Brooks-9V1YC. Not only is James a world-class DXpeditioner, but he is an amazing film maker and story teller. I have watched all of his videos many times and I greatly appreciate how he conveys the story of each DXpedition.

I’m sure there are other DXpedition Heroes out there, others come to mind but for personal reasons these men are my true DX Heroes.

What do you think?


  1. KY6R says:

    Anyone who has ever given me an ATNO, followed by anyone who has ever given me a new one on 160M, followed by anyone who has given me a band slot.

    Pretty much – anyone who has put their money where their mouth is and activated a place.

  2. Markku OH8SR says:

    Let’s us to not forget Martti, OH2BH. He operated Albania and teached many new amateurs, so ZA is now available easily. North Korea, even not so many qso’s. He’s good will projects, the last one in South Sudan, from where we are now reading sad news. He has gone to so many excotic places to give us enjoinement! And he’s a top notch contester!

  3. Mike says:

    Tom, N4XP has given us several new ones too. Also the behind the scenes guys like George N4GRN and Gregg W6IZT. Many thanks to all who make it fun for the rest of us!

  4. Warren says:

    I have two, primarily. Both date back a few years.

    The first is the legendary Gus Browning, W4BPD (SK). Chasing Gus as he charged around the Indian Ocean back in the 70s (Geyser and Blenheim Reefs, Farquar Is, etc.) is what introduced me to DX.

    The second is Martti Laine, OH2BH, who over the years has been Ham Radio’smost effective ambassador. I remember his ‘opening’ Albania (OH2BH/ZA) which back then was just as ‘closed’ as P5 is today. I was one of the lucky 860 who made it through the pile-up.

    Warren, NW4C

  5. Bela W. Lindenfeld says:

    Please recall XE1L/SK. He went to Bouvet and to many other places to recall. Although he was a great DXer he was also a teacher — giving many new operator’s there first DX and friendly advice on radio operation. He was a great guy.
    de N8SHZ

  6. Willem Angenent says:

    Feel free to change the order:
    ON4WW (co author DX Code of Conduct) http://dx-code.org/
    K6SE (my 160 Meter elmer)
    Many others …………..

    Will, K6ND

  7. KY6R says:

    My heroes as far as DX chasers – anyone who has earned DXCC Honor Roll with QRP (I know 2 people who have done this), and for me – that represents the pinnacle of DX chasing achievement.

  8. W6DXO says:

    For myself personally it has to be Martti, OH2BH at the top of my list. Martti gave me a number of ATNO’s and has always been my reference standard when it comes to the art of controlling a pile-up.

  9. l2ride55 says:

    IMO, two to watch for in the foreseeable future: K7CO and K7CXN

  10. n6pse says:

    Indeed, I am very excited about the activities of Jon-K7CO, Christian-K7CXN and also Krish-W4VKU. These are exciting times!

  11. Barrie says:

    One of ham radio’s finest operators and a true gentleman: Jim Smith, VK9NS.

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