Tokyo High Power is toast……

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
It is being announced today that Japanese Amplifier manufacturer Tokyo High Power has filed
for Bankruptcy and is liquidating the company to pay off creditors. This is a very unusual action
for a Japanese company and another unfortunate loss in the amateur radio world.
There have been so many other good companies that have gone out of business over the years,
Not long ago it was Henry Radio, of course their was Collins and a host of others.
The amateur radio market is very tough and profits are razor thin. Hams are notoriously cheap
and they want the best value for their money. I’m a little surprised that someone like MFJ did not buy
them or their product line. I’m not a big fan of THP equipment and I don’t own any, but I hate to
see any amateur radio supplier bite the dust. Another unfortunate turn of events. RIP Tokyo High Power.
  1. Mike (DB1JAW) says:

    a sad news for those who have always placed on quality in the hobby very large value. Quality has its price – but HAMs are bean counters. I shall miss the clear strong signals from THP state of the art amplifiers … really sri for those directly involved (complete producution stuff), really a GREAT LOSS of quality insde our hobby ….

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