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Posted: December 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The big storm that blew down the OH8X 160 array also blew down and destroyed Monk Apollo’s three element SteppIR antenna in his garden at Mt. Athos.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to help. As a Monk, Apollo has limited means to recover from the storm damage. He has benefited from hams donating various items including this antenna over the years.

There is a strong desire within the Greek Amateur Radio Community to organize and conduct a DXpedition from Mt. Athos. The Greek Government supports this idea and has offered to provide a facility with power and room for stations and antennas.  However it is reported that Monk Apollo has been effective in influencing the Mt. Athos Church Council against this idea. The Church Council controls the visa process on who can and cannot visit Mount Athos. While a non-Orthodox person can visit Mt Athos, it is impossible to get equipment or get on the air without full and proper permission.

Perhaps now that Monk Apollo is effectively off the air and no one can work Mt Athos, perhaps he will soften his stance and allow the DXpedition to go forward under the concept of raising money to repair and resurrect Monk Apollo’s station.

The DX Community can help Monk Apollo and Monk Apollo can help the DX Community.

What do you think?

  1. n6pse says:

    The Intrepid-DX Group has drafted an offer letter of assistance to Monk Apollo. Our letter is now in Greece being translated into Greek by our Greek Amateur Radio partners. Soon, Monk Apollo will have our offer for assistance and if he agrees, the fund-raising for a new antenna and tower will begin.

    Paul N6PSE
    President, The Intrepid-DX Group

  2. Lee Moyle says:

    Sounds like a good plan Paul.
    Hopefully he sees the offer as mutually benificial.
    I haven’t worked Monk Apollo for a long time now.
    Regards Lee VK3GK

  3. Gary Schwartz K9GS says:

    Hello Paul,

    I also like this idea. I would be much more in favor of supporting this effort if there was international support and an international DX pedition group planned. There is going to have to be a major commitment to work hams outside of EU and, in particular, NA, Asia and SA for this to succeed.

    -Gary K9GS

  4. Al says:

    It may be important to understand the reason why Monk Apollo reportedly is not in favor of an operation by others. If he prefers to be the only path to a QSO, fixing or replacing his antenna may bring back what has been the status quo: work him only. If he really cares about being able to operate with a nice antenna, then a negotiation is in order to get him healthy in trade for some kind of ‘relief’ for the Deserving. From where things stand today, it can only get better!
    Al N6TA

  5. Jerry says:

    perhaps some church related work can also be done in conjunction with antenna stuff——probably a bigger negotiation point…….is Apollo in charge??..or just one of many??……who is his boss???…..k6md

  6. N6PSE says:

    Monk Apollo has declined our offer to replace his antenna and tower in return for his support of a DXpedition to Mount Athos.

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