Some US Hams flaunt the rules for their own needs….

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Radio amateurs tend to be good honest people. They like rules and they usually follow them pretty well. One area that radio amateurs seem to skirt the rules is in the area of licensing for amateur radio clubs in the USA.

FCC rules allow for an amateur radio club, consisting of four members to have a “club call”. Most amateur radio clubs follow the rules and do indeed have a club call for their legitimate needs.

There is a segment of amateur radio that abuses the rules surrounding club calls. Radio amateur contesters find that having multiple call signs at their disposal to use for various contests as highly desirable. Many of these contesters are flaunting the rules and possessing various club calls for their contesting purposes.  They find it desirable to have a special call separate from their regular call sign just for contesting. This is okay and well within the rules if in fact it is attached to a bona fide amateur radio club.

This is what FCC Rule 97.5 (b)(2) says:

A club station license. 
A club station license is granted only to the person who is the license trustee designated by an officer of the club. The trustee must be a person who holds an operator/primary station license grant. The club must be composed of at least four persons and must have a name, a document of organization, management, and a primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with this part. 

According to FCC rules to be granted a club station license, a club should have a document of organization (minutes, bylaws, charter, etc.), a list of current officers (management), a list of members (at least four persons) and a license trustee designated by an officer of the club.

 I would venture to say that many of the club calls being used are nothing but a sham and a flaunting of the rules by their trustee. They have few members, no minutes, bylaws or charter. The net result is that there are far fewer “desirable” ie 1X2 calls available for the amateur community to use as incentives to upgrade. This is an area that the amateur community can and should clean up on their own.

What do you think?


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