Good Vendors/Bad Vendors……

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
Selling amateur radio products has got to be a tough way to make a living. Hams are tough customers. Often on the frugal side too!
Still, there are some very good products and suppliers out there who really take care of their customers. I have had very good experiences over the years with SteppIR, Elecraft, ICOM, Microham. DX Engineering and others.
Some vendors just can’t seem to do anything right. For five weeks now, I have been trying to get a working motor and up/down switch for my US Tower motorized tower. US Tower’s customer service has been very poor. I am of the opinion that they don’t care about their customers to any degree. I won’t hesitate to buy products from those vendors that appreciate their customers but I would have to think long and hard before buying any products from US Towers.
  1. Gary Schwartz K9GS says:

    Hello Paul,

    Your assessment is spot-on. I think in our small market hobby customer service is EVERYTHING.

    Another vendor to add to your list is KF7P Metalworks. Just today I opened a box containing one of his custom coax entrance boxes. It is a beauty and the quality is first rate.


    Gary k9GS

    • n6pse says:

      Gary- Yes! Chris-KF7P of KF7P.Com is great to deal with. I just received a large metal box and grounding equipment
      for my US Tower. He is fantastic and his products are top notch! My kids love the candy that comes in his packages.

      TU and 73,

      Paul N6PSE

  2. Jonathan W6GX says:

    Ditto. Chris’ service is first rate. He probably started his business out of frustration of not being able to find good quality products 🙂

    Jonathan W6GX

  3. Roger says:

    I agree that ICOM and DX engineering are first rate. I have had a few service issues over the last 20 years with various ICOM rigs: IC751, IC756Pro3, PW-1. ICOM helped me to resolve the issues in terms of getting stuff setup and/or repaired.

    I had a hard time understanding the manuals of the PW-1 and 756Pro3 in terms of getting the PW-1 to communicate correctly with the Pro so that it would track the band switching on the PRO. I worked on it for hours and just could not figure it out. The ICOM rep I called said it was too complex to walk through on the phone so he sent an e-mail with about a ten step procedure. When I followed that procedure I had everything working in ten minutes. Going back to the instruction manuals they were so vague that they would never have really pointed me in the right direction.

    I now am a third generation ICOM guy having just bought a 7600 via DX Engineering.

    I have a K2. I assembled it myself but due to an accident I dropped one of the toroids on the concrete floor of my garage workshop and it broke. I called up Elecraft and they sent me a new toroid core — no questions asked.

    Also I have had excellent dealings with MFJ over at least a decade. They sent me a couple of parts for broken turns count readout for my 989D tuner which fixed a slippage problem that I was having with the three digit turns counter. In recent months, I bought a Ameritron ALS1306 linear and an MFJ YRC-1 rotor controller. They are both first rate.

    73 Roger K5RKS

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