Are you a doer or a spectator?

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are all sorts of guys in the hobby of amateur radio. There are doers which are the people that get things done or make things happen and there are the spectators.  The doers do things like organize conventions, special events or DXpeditions. They serve in office for the many varied clubs or serve as a QSL Manager.  Guys that run various organizations such as the ARRL, NCDXF and INDEXA etc. are doers. If they didn’t do what they do, the hobby would be negatively impacted.

The doers do things to make this hobby better and more enjoyable. Without them, certain aspects of this hobby would falter.

The spectators attend the club meetings and come to the conventions. They work the DX and participate in the contests. There are many more spectators than doers. Part of that is human nature. Some think why should I help out if others will step in?  Spectators seem to complain more than the doers. They complain at the cost of club dues or the cost of admission to an event. They complain that the DX never heard them.  They complain that they did not get their QSL card or LoTW upload fast enough. Some spectators seemingly complain about everything!

Some doers slow down and become spectators later in life. That’s okay, but remember as you are complaining that you used to be a doer and if anyone should understand the challenges of being a doer it is the doer turned spectator.

We should all ask ourselves from time to time, Am I a doer or am I being a spectator?   This hobby needs more doers.


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