DXpedition of the Year awards……

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


Some Amateur Radio Clubs and some DX related websites around the world offer an annual DXpedition of the Year Award.
Some of these awards are well thought out and are quite prestigious and sought after. Others are doled out with little thought or consideration for the worthiness of the award.
A properly administered DXpedition of the Year award can benefit both the organization doing the giving and the receiver DXpedition. The receiver benefits by the approval and acceptance of their performance upon the culmination of many months of planning and hard work. The organization doing the giving can also benefit by gaining more visibility for their organization and stature within the DX Community. The organization doing the giving also benefits when their award becomes coveted and sought after by the various DXpeditions who will often tune their performance to meet the goals and needs of the award giving organization. Some disagree with this concept but it is part of our current day reality.
Consideration should be given to the rareness of the entity, in other words where it stands on either of the two most wanted lists. The difficulty of reaching the destination, difficulty in gaining permission to activate the DXpedition and the relative danger/hazard levels at the destination should also be considered. Most important is the quality and level of operating. Did they meet the demand for a QSO?  Were the operators competent and adept at handling the pile ups and working with some efficiency.  Organizations should consider offering multiple awards for large and small DXpeditions when there is merit and reason to do so. The cost of the award is small and all worthy efforts should be under consideration.
I think DXpedition of the Year awards are a positive event if they are administered and given in proper recognition for the best effort of the year. They should not be used as a “People’s Choice” award, given to the most popular DXpeditioners for an effort that was not as significant/worthy as others.

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