Time for something different……

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

For several years now, I have been asking a weekly question on my DX Club’s email reflector. The questions are mostly related to the hobby of amateur radio. Some topics are mundane while others are spicy and create human emotion. The questions go out to about 150 subscribers to the email reflector. Responses are all over the map. Some are quite supportive of the topic and answers depict great wisdom and thought, while others are harsh and bitter. Anyway, its time for something new. I’m going to let someone else take over the Question of the Week and I am going to focus on my new blog. I hope to make it enlightening and entertaining. I will mostly focus on the many aspects of amateur radio and adventure travel, two subjects very near and dear to me. I invite you to visit and comment as you desire. Tell me what you think, but keep it civil. Unlike the email reflector, I can delete your comments here if you get nasty!


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